matte balck alloy window handle

  • matte balck alloy window handle
matte balck alloy window handle
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The door and window handle is installed on the door and window with a good closing after the fastening function of the device, when you close the door and window, through the handle and other accessories, the door and window can be tightly locked on the fixed frame, has reached the fixed inside and outside, the relative position of the frame. This product is usually used in apartments, the product material is aluminum alloy.

Matte black 7 Shape Aluminum Alloy 


The material of this product is frosted, compared with the ordinary hand, this hardware handle is not so smooth, but it is also more dirty than the ordinary hand. Usually the products are used in apartments, hotels and other places. The material of the product is aluminum alloy, and the weight of the single handle is 122g.

Matte black alloy window handle

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black alloy hardware window

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