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In the die casting process, the company must utilize specific raw materials, typically metal alloys, to ensure the exquisite quality and exceptional performance of the final product. Commonly employed die casting raw materials encompass aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, magnesium alloy, copper alloy, among others. These remarkable metal alloys possess distinct characteristics and application scopes; thus suitable die casting raw materials can be meticulously selected in accordance with product requirements. When selecting die casting raw materials, it is imperative to consider mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, processing performance and other factors pertaining to the metal in order to guarantee that the ultimate product adheres to design specifications while exhibiting outstanding performance. The factory must diligently ascertain that raw material quality remains reliable and supply remains stable by implementing prudent inventory management techniques as well as efficient supply chain management practices. During production processes, meticulous attention must be devoted towards equipment maintenance so as to ensure seamless operation of machinery alongside heightened production efficiency. Concurrently strengthening production process monitoring and quality inspection procedures will enable timely identification and resolution of issues thereby ensuring superior product quality. Furthermore,the factory should prioritize staff training initiatives coupled with effective management strategies aimed at enhancing employee skills and awareness which ultimately contributes towards maintaining a safe working environment during production operations. By adopting these aforementioned measures,the factory can effectively guarantee smooth production processes whilst simultaneously improving both productivity levels and overall product quality.Junerda Company generally procures raw materials every 1-2 weeks depending on customer demand. Junerda Company will adhere to the tenet of "quality first, customer first", and continuously pursue excellence to create greater business value for customers. We look forward to working with customers to develop together and create a better future!

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