About Us

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Brand Junerda
Number of Employees 1-50 People
Annual sales US$1 Million - US$2 Million
Established in 2018

 The story of Junerda 

The founder loved hardware culture since childhood, grew up in the hardware family atmosphere, and began to know hardware in childhood.  The founder wants to focus on the hardware industry,  Understanding the defect of hardware gating.  The founder spent 5 years planning Junerda Auto Parts Co to improve the hardware industry.   Junerda company was established in 2018, from the business, knows many honest old customers.   We have been keen to be a professional leader in the solutions closest to customer needs.  With rich creativity, we are committed to putting quality and technology first, prioritizing customer needs.


About Us

 Junerda Is a professional research and development, production, manufacturing, and sales of glass door clip, and window hardware company. Products are widely used in glass doors and Windows, bathroom doors, shower rooms, hotels, shops, and other public places.


Company Introduction 

The company has 32 employees, including 16 senior engineering research and development personnel. The factory covers an area of 1600 square meters, with an independent workshop, a modern product development laboratory, and an application laboratory. The company provides planning, design, production, commissioning, training, and various services for equipment operators. For quality control, adhere to a one-stop vertical integration with the production system. From the determination of drawings, mold, spraying, and testing to quality shipment, Junerda's one-stop service shortens the development time and cost of guests. 


 Company Purpose 

Junerda professional business and technology can quickly find solutions but also help you solve the development and production of the problems encountered. We take "sincere" innovation "and" quality " as the motto, we are agile, and flexible, with customer needs as the first. We have established a good corporate image with strict quality management and reasonable product prices. Junerda hopes to bring professional, excellent, and efficient experience to customers around the world and continue to grow into one of the top companies in the world. The goal of our mission is to provide detailed and comprehensive goods and services according to the unique needs of each customer, strive to provide services to customers, and work with customers in the future.


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